Exhibits and Performances

Specific VHD contest day information for students presenting exhibits and performances.

Submission Deadline

  • Exhibits and performances are due by the day of the contest: April 6, 2024.


  • Student should arrive early to allow time to find their assigned spot and set up their exhibit. The exhibit must be ready by 9:40 am for judges. Three copies of their process paper and bibliography must be left on the exhibit table.
  • It's recommended that students bring extra supplies to fix anything that was damaged during transportation.
  • Exhibit judging is scheduled in 15-minute increments. Students will be allowed to enter the exhibit hall approximately 5 minutes before their scheduled judging time. Students must leave the exhibit hall after judging.
  • Spectators may not watch exhibit judging to limit noise and distractions for students and judges.
  • Exhibits must be broken down before the Awards Ceremony begins.


  • Any props must be able to be set-up in just 5 minutes. It is advised that students bring tools and supplies to repair anything that may have been damaged during transportation.
  • Three copies of the process paper and bibliography must be given to the judges to read during set up. When the judges indicate they are ready, students will announce the title and recite the student name(s) before the performance begins.
  • Performance judging is scheduled in 20-minute increments.
  • Spectators may watch performance judging.